Cyber Risk Report Update


As you know, Cyber Risk Report has not been published the last few weeks, and I’ve been off the radio since Mother’s Day. As I announced in May, I accepted an appointment working for an organization as their Strategic Advisor for the Pacific, where cyber policy will be a big part of my portfolio.

I anticipate Cyber Risk Report will be back very soon—there’s a few employer details that need to be finalized before I can continue. Your subscriptions will be extended.

Quick question!

I wanted ask for your opinion. Would you prefer Cyber Risk Report be published as:

  1. A paid-access email newsletter, as it is today

  2. A free email newsletter with advertising instead of subscription fees

  3. A website / RSS feed instead of an email

If you wouldn’t mind, shoot me a quick reply with the option you prefer, or a note about whatever else you’d prefer that’s not listed. I’ll let y’all know the results afterwards, with a bit more background on why I’m asking.

Thanks! We’ll be back soon!


Dan Trimble
Publisher, Cyber Risk Report
[email protected]
+1 415-400-3869